About Me

Founder, Explore Research & Consultancy,  Mosoci and Convo. I’ve spent over 20 years advising a global portfolio of clients including Nokia, MTV, Dell, Intel, Pitney Bowes, and Unilever.  My projects have led me deep into rural markets, following trend-setting youth in urban settings, and digging deep into motivations and possible triggers across a wide range of demographic and psychographic groups. I work across both products and services and am driven to be at the forefront of technology trend research in India.

While personally a heavy user I’m a keen observer of how people are interacting with digital tools and social media. I want to understand the impact it has on their lives, identities and on how they ‘consume’. As researcher, participant and advisor, I am also studying how technology is influencing and shaping the trajectory of India – both urban and rural; among youth and small businesses; web and mobile.

Daily Motivation?

What drives you is a question I’m often asked. A friend once said about me… “You’re like an archaeologist – who goes digging bravely and often in the dark. You gave up a very successful corporate career with a large Multinational company, to start your own research company because you wanted to be more selective about projects you worked on. You started blogging long before people had even heard of the term, and you proved all your cynics (who said it’s a waste of time) wrong in making it such a success. You have always been brave enough to venture into the unknown and live life by experimenting and experiencing.”

I have a curiosity and willingness to dig deeper and listen carefully. I am very effective at  uncovering what people think and feel, and their underlying drivers. Yet it is their stories that motivate me most. I know when I have an impactful one and that usually leads to better solutions and strategies for our Clients.

My Passions

I am passionate about how changes in the way we work and play can be brought about through new forms of collaboration, communication and community. My experience includes collaborating with a wide variety of online communities including; knowledge, disaster relief, citizen journalism, VoIP, ethnography. In 2002 I began blogging and it changed my world personally and professionally.

Then there are my ‘nothing’ days – a day that comes once in a while, where I can empty myself and just be. A day when I take the artist in me on a date, listen to music non-stop or spend a few hours by the sea.  When I can I go to my little place in the hills and enjoy the silence and be at one with nature. I value this time immensely.

What else?

I’m known as one of India’s earliest bloggers, frequently on TV as a social media observer, and a friend and advisor to Global Voices Online. I’m a member of the Information Program Sub-Board at Open Society Institute and was a TEDFellows at TEDIndia 2009.

From 2003, I have contributed to building several communities on the internet, including Worldchanging, Tsunami Help, KatrinaHelp, Asia Quake Help, SkypeJournal. I have presented papers and spoken at conferences around the world, including Reboot, EPIC, BlogHer, Microsoft Research’s Social Computing Summit, World Women’s Forum. Plus, been a lead facilitator at camps and workshops on engaging audiences online. I often get interviewed and have appeared on television and in print – CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Times of India, Outlook, India Today, Tehelka, DNA, CNN-IBN, NDTV.

I have a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a background in anthropology and psychology. I live in Mumbai, India.  My personal blog is Conversations with Dina.