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by Dina on October 16, 2007 · 4 comments

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Valeria Maltoni asks, Why the media is not telling your story – where she suggests, “beat the reported to the punchline and write your own story … and your destiny.”

In addition to learning how to tell our story well, I do believe that part of the problem is we are so flooded with so much info today, that we are also having to relearn how to listen – and how we learn. Social technologies that foster microblogging like twitter, bookmarking, aggregating news, and even facebook, help me navigate thru’ this more easily. Much has been written about Continuous Partial Attention (Linda Stone) and Ambient Intimacy (Lisa Reichelt) that apps like Twitter provide – they give us interesting frameworks for examining our own behaviours.

Extending this to companies that are entering the social media space, Stuart and I are working on strategies for them for listening better, which would form the platform for better engagement.
In a post on blogger outreach programmes, Brian Solis says:

First and foremost, blogger relations is about respect. It all starts with understanding what you stand for. Seriously, how many PR people actually take the time to really “get” what it is they represent and why it matters to the rest of us. And, more importantly, how will it help me?

Here’s a test.

Quickly, the timer’s running.

Tell me in one sentence why I should write about you and why my readers will care.

I’m listening.

It’s amazing at how many “PR Pros” can’t pass this test. Trust me. I am pitched every day, and it blows me away at how few people take the time to read what I write and match their products/services to the most important part of this blog, you.

That’s right. It all starts with listening and reading.

Some questions we are asking, that we hope will serve as starting points for internal brand and marketing teams:

• How will you listen to messages captured and transmitted via social media; specify a dashboard and toolkit for your brand’s content creators and managers?

• What are the key stories that you would like people to tell about your brand, and about the content you are creating, that you would like to obtain links to? I recall pointing out to a senior marketing guy at a publication house, that their newspaper had really annoyed an influential blogger by plaigiarising some of his content – and they hadn’t even seen that post!

• Who are the top 150 influencers you watch on a daily basis? Will you create a blogger vlogger outreach program for them? Will any of these supporters speak out on your behalf if there is a crisis?

• What is your search strategy; key word strategy? Where should you rank in search. Who else is competing for terms? How do you increase your page rank? This one may sound really basic, but we were so surprised to actually run a search on ‘shampoo’ or ‘good hair’ and not see a single brand-related entry in Google – even when we narrowed the search to India. If you’re the leading brand in the category, you should own the category! And the marketing team wasn’t even aware of this – they haven’t been listening!

• What “tags” are important to your positioning; to your health, which ones would you make ‘yours’?

Would love to hear your views on this … what strategies for listening better would you recommend? What are your own strategies for listening?


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1 Valeria Maltoni October 16, 2007 at 12:07 pm

Chris Brogan also wrote a great post on some of the techniques he uses here Social Media Power – Listening. You have some great questions here. I’ll need to noodle over them and possibly share with our PR agency.

2 Dina October 16, 2007 at 10:42 pm

Thanks for the link Valeria! Good to know others are thinking of “Listening” too

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