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1 A October 17, 2007 at 12:30 pm

Worth a moment. And a link. And asks many questions…

2 Dina October 18, 2007 at 2:26 am

Many thanks A. Linked today – should show up later when my links for the day are published at 1800 GMT. It’s quite fantastic the technology – and fascinating really. It does ask questions about copyright and privacy! What questions did it raise for you?

3 A October 18, 2007 at 3:10 pm

Yes, it does pose a big ? about copyright and privacy, and I imagine there will be a movie-based version before too long. But I think anyone who contributes to Flickr (for example) has no right to copyright. However, my main concern was how easily ‘wowed’ these audiences tend to be. And if the presentation has the tag ‘social media’ attached, how readily they become drawn into spreading the word.

I’m wondering if technology really is giving us ‘what we want’, but instead simply focusing on fostering more and more ways to redistribute the individual, be it as a creator of digital imagery (Flickr) or recycler of digital content (…).

Developers of this rabid thirst for empowering the ants of the world often don’t stand back and check the state of the mound itself. It’s all very exciting and somewhat empowering to feel oneself has an input into this bottomless binary vault, but if you step away and look in, it all seems so nebulous. And makes me wonder – is such ‘progress’ actually of genuine benefit?

To that end, I think Social Media in this context is perhaps a misnomer. It seems to occupy a central band. And feeds itself. Never really reaching out or pausing to break free from self-imposed convention.

If only the time and energy used on projects such as Photosynth could be harnessed and redirected to addressing those left behind – those who inhabit some of the places captured and stored on Flickr, but who will never hold a camera or touch a keyboard or know what an orange tastes like. Yes, we can create a glorious Photosynth fascimile of Notre Dame Cathedral, but who benefits? – only those whose fragments make this quasi-communal whole.

So social… I’m not convinced. Useful… only to those who are plugged into the machine.

Too many media magpies. Not enough beta benefactors! The divide continues to grow.

4 Dina October 18, 2007 at 5:57 pm

I feel your angst A. and hmmmm I didn’t see photosynth as social media somehow nor did I tag it with the term when I linked to it today :). And yet I wouldn’t knock social media really. It can do tremendous good – think of its ability to bring out marginalized voices that have never been heard before, to mobilize groups to act against social and economic injustices, to help people faced with disasters and violence of different kinds. Each of these projects is emergent … and there are few ‘conventions’ around them .. they are being written as they breathe. Check out the Rising Voices project from Global Voices Online for instance. Not many still, but growing with a lot of the non-profit world beginning to use these social tools. I may knock the term itself .. am not sure ‘social media’ is its best description.

Photosynth .. now that’s great technology … and quite fantastic in terms of what it can do … most definitely would make those in the digital medium happy … but will it help bridge these divides … I don’t know. Did Flash for eg. bridge the divide – still Flash has changed the way web designers work – you know that well.

Also interesting to me, is your perspective on our distributed selves .. its very true that technology helps us redistribute ourselves, often even fragment indivs into tiny nodes. What this does for some, like me, is helps you as a result, discover or uncover facets to self that you perhaps weren’t even conscious of. Its not the technology, but the people using it that drive this – and it is that human face to the tech that is its social nature – it nurtures. And if you can find ways to bring these facets of self together, it can be quite powerful.

BTW – have you seen this –

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