Mobile Phones, Emerging Markets and Stuart Henshall

by Dina on May 13, 2008 · 5 comments

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Stuart’s becoming quite the expert on mobility in urban India!! He was here end-April for a little over a week and we did a lot of learning around the mobile phone space in Mumbai. Next time, small towns too!! Its really cool to see how he can really get to some deep immersions despite so obviously being a foreigner – chatting up kids in a slum, hopping into an Andheri local, getting trade to reveal all, sharing his curiosity openly, completely comfortable sitting on the floor in a tiny home where he has to bend over at full stretch, and drinking sweet chai – despite his tall overview on things. I mean that literally as he is 6’5″. It’s really funny for me to see people’s reactions to him – here, where average male height is 5’5″ – they look up in such awe – and then realise he is human when he smiles, when they touch his arm tentatively and he responds by touching their arm back briefly.

Check out his prolific posts on his learnings, which I have collated here because it’s a great collection of observations, images, artifacts, insights and foresight:


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1 Stuart May 13, 2008 at 5:30 pm

You are too kind. I’m always a little concious of my height and in India ducking ceiling fans is something I’m very aware of. Another good reason to sit down quick.

You were a fantastic guide and it was such a great set of topics to be exploring. Looking forward to doing the next project together. Thanks for summarizing this set of posts. I still have a few more to come.

I hope we can launch some more learning journeys to India. The session I am at today just confirms the need

Thanks again!


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