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Ok … the blog gates have opened for me ( I hope) and I am yet to open Google Reader after almost two months (scary proposition!).  Have to send out three proposals this week (putting them off until I can’t anymore) and am flying out to Sukabumi, Indonesia on Sunday to attend a few days of Transmission Asia-Pacific.

It’s been a crazy crazy period for me at work, and I sorely miss Shubhangi who is away in Japan, doing an advanced course in Japanese – do check out her amazing pictures here!  So I’ve been handling projects mostly on my own – I’ve had Aparna come in on a couple of them and she’s been a tremendous help.  The parts that really bug me about handling the entire project is the logistics end – clients, participants, field agencies.  One of my field agency heads (someone I have known and used for the last 20 yrs) and she tends to be quite sassy with me 🙂 told me the other day “when is Shubhangi back – she is much better than you – she has so much patience with us unlike you!!!”

So yes – have been going a little nuts.  The interesting thing is most of these qualitative research and ethnography projects coming to us are now more technology focussed – mobile phones and extensions, computing – both hardware and software.  So I really want to do them!!!  One project in 4 small towns in India with 5-6 days each in these towns.  Another which saw us doing 8 interviews and 4 group discussions in 3 days, with reporting in 10 days time.  Setting up yet another one for the end of May.  Then onto 8 groups  in Delhi and Hyderabad between June 1-5th.  Another with 6 groups mid-June.  And yet another one that’s commissioned just today – really interesting project involving learning journeys, ethnographies and participant blogs which will take place June-July.  And in mid-June have a trip to Tblisi, Georgia for an OSI sub-board meeting.

Then Stuart was here for little over a week and we did some amazing stuff around mobile phones and emerging markets.

Apart from work … hmmm not much really.  I did a yoga retreat a while ago with my friend and fellow qualitative researcher, Tracey Rankin from Australia  – was a lot of fun – we took two weeks off work!

Have changed my internet service provider from Reliance to Tata Indicom.  Reliance and my building society just didn’t see eye to eye and there were several problems – result – interrupted connectivity.  I tried to get this resolved between them (some issue on how much rent the society was expecting from Reliance who was using our building as a hub) – didn’t happen.  So if you can’t beat ’em – exit.  Am thrilled so far with the speeds and very low downtime I am experiencing with Tata Indicom!

And there are repairs on at my building – I just don’t get how disorganized these guys are.  They come in to paint grills, inner walls of the balcony section — and never do it all at once.  So each time, I have to bring in the plants (have more than 25 now) and its all pretty messy.  My house is a mess, my maid’s on leave this month, and I’m hardly ever here.  These guys work so hard and I hate it when I lose my patience with them, which I do quite often – and then make them a cuppa sweet chai to appease my own guilt.

Much chaos, some creativity and huge blobs of life.  Makes me think of Rob and Johnnie who have this amazing blog called The ‘Phoric – its all about life and its many facets – check it out if you haven’t yet!


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