Conversations matter as value flows in webs

by Dina on June 8, 2008 · 4 comments

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Since I began blogging over 6 years ago, I’ve always examine the social web through the lens of conversation. Brian Clark has nicely framed the Five Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing:

  • Observing Conversation
  • Sparking Conversation
  • Conversational Content
  • Interactive Conversation
  • Conversational Copy

Very Cluetrain!

Kevin Kelly’s New Rules for a New Economy, which Stuart pointed me to the other day, is a brilliant read – he talks of how the Social Web creates the Network Economy. Some of his ‘maxims‘ extracted by Robert Poynton, in the context of Brian Clark’s post on Conversational Marketing:

Because communication—which in the end is what the digital technology and media are all about—is not just a sector of the economy. Communication is the economy.

We are connecting everything to everything.

The great benefits reaped by the new economy in the coming decades will be due in large part to exploring and exploiting the power of decentralized and autonomous networks.

Technology has become our culture, our culture technology.

The migration from ad hoc use to commercialisation cannot be rushed. To reach ubiquity you have to pass through sharing.

In the marketspace of networks, value flows in webs.

When information is plentiful, peers take over. Outsiders act as employees, employees act as outsiders. New relationships blur the roles of employees and customers to the point of unity. They reveal the customer and the company as one.

Privacy is a type of conversation. Firms should view privacy not as some inconvenient obsession of customers that must be snuck around but more as a way to cultivate a genuine relationship.


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1 manuscrypts June 9, 2008 at 2:43 am

sigh.. the network economy requires networks.. i wonder when we, in India will reach levels of internet connectivity to create enough of a critical mass to make all this practically viable 😐

2 Tom Schavo July 28, 2008 at 4:53 am

Its possible to create network economy soon, we have the intesity, just that awareness has to be brought in.

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