Ethnographers or Bricoleurs?

by Dina on November 15, 2008 · 0 comments

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Dr. Aviva Rosenstein – “Fake Ethnography vs Real Ethnography” at URF08 from bolt peters on Vimeo.

In a review of the User Research Friday Talks, Celeste Roschuni provides a recap of Dr. Rosenstein‘s talk:

….. and finished with the idea that it’s more important to be doing good research than to be doing “real ethnography.” Aviva laid out a few criteria for “good research” (which should sound fairly familiar to anyone involved in research):

1. avoid biases (or at least try to identify yours as clearly as possible)
2. be reflexive, truthful
3. be ethical
4. collect data, check assumptions, triangulate, record observations
5. don’t just report, look for patterns
6. deliver credible and valuable insights
7. generate new ideas
8. be creative and resourceful

I like the reference to bricoleurs and Bricolage. Many years ago I had posted some links around qualitative researchers as bricoleurs – here’s a quote from the Admap article [link is broken now] that still resonates, and is reinforced by the talk by Dr. Rosenstein:

This means a new ‘proposition’ for qualitative market research – a shift from:

* ‘we use contact with consumers to generate material from which to extract insightful and useful meaning’
* ‘we use qualitative methods of detection and analysis to extract insightful and useful meaning from all sorts of ‘texts’ relevant to consumer culture’


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