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by Dina on January 15, 2009 · 1 comment

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I’ve spent the morning playing with Taglets – which is very cool and has the potential to be quite revolutionary as it’s offering up an open platform and API for developers. It seems like reverse Twitter in some ways – I create or follow tags that are really keywords of interest to me, and I get comments/discussion streams flowing into my email or as twitter messages to me. I like that it embraces the concept of information flows. I like that comments and followers are anonymous – although there may be a time when I would want to know who adds what. I like that it does not ask me for any password. I like the interface – it’s simple easy to navigate/understand and use. It has a very Web 3.0 feel to it – I like that Mark and David are asking folks to explore it and figure out ways of using it themselves!

What I’d like to see added, fully appreciating this is early days :

  • comment streams available on the site
  • more characters permissible in the creation of tags
  • option to get only one email per day with all comments on tags I have subscribed to (I use Gmail as my email client so it’s not really a worry as it gets strung into one stream – those who use Outlook and other Clients may find it too much)
  • capability to snip URLs in the comments

Taglet links:

Introducing Taglets

Taglets-are-it – an early review

Detailed Overview

About/API/FAQ’s here


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1 David Beckemeyer January 15, 2009 at 5:34 pm

Thanks for the nice comments, Dina, and for taking the time to check out and for providing helpful feedback.

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