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  • Anthropology and Activism in Pakistan with lullabies – A great example of Anthropology being used in Activism:”A few days ago, Pakistani anthropologist Samar Minallah lauched a “video song”, a tribute to little girls in all the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan where schools are being destroyed, depriving girls of their right to education, The News reports.

    The song ‘Allaho: A Lullaby for You, My Daughter’ (both in Dari and Pashto) is one of the first lullabies that have been dedicated to girls according to the news report. Traditionally lullabies are made for sons alone. The new song is “a welcome break from the traditional practice” …… ”

    …..”Samar Minallah is a Pukhtun (Pashtun / Pashto) from the North-West Frontier Province who has done her MPhil in Anthropology and Development at the University of Cambridge. She heads Ethnomedia, an organisation in Islamabad that works in the field of media and communications for a social change.” (tags: anthropology pakistan humanrights activism video ethnomedia)

  • Infinite SMS ends the text messaging rip-off. Sort of » VentureBeat – SMS is dirt cheap in India – we probably don’t need such solutions :)”More and more people are picking up on the fact that SMS text messaging is a scam — VentureBeat writer MG Siegler complained about the text message rip-off in the iPhone 3G pricing plan last June, and even The New York Times has looked at accusations of carrier price-fixing. There have been some applications offering workarounds on the iPhone — such as SMS for Free, which lets you send, and only send, a text message from your email account — but they’re not very satisfying. Now a developer called Innerfence has released the Infinite SMS app, and it offers a reasonable if imperfect solution.” (tags: sms mobilephones venturebeat texting)
  • Why Your Community-Building and Social Media Efforts Aren’t Working… – The Viral Garden. Some good observations at this post at the Viral Garden:
    “Many companies want to use social media as a channel to push marketing messages at customers, while those customers are using social media as tools to connect with and communicate with others. They have almost zero interest in receiving marketing messages via social media, so predictably, companies that try to do just that, see their efforts falter.Along these same lines, Aaron recently had a post asking if you would join a toothpaste community. This is another area where many companies fail. They want to ‘create’ a community because they want to use that community as a way to generate revenue for their business.

    Problem: Communities do not come together around the idea of being monetized.

    People do not come together and form a community around a particular product, at least not in most cases. They come together because of a ‘bigger’ idea. They have a common association or feeling that’s related to that product.” (tags: socialmedia blogs media socialnetworking community branding strategy viralgarden)

  • Sathya’s Tumbles: From the mouth of babes … smiling as I read this …. “ My 8-year-old sister proudly declared that she knows that “WTF” means “Wow, That’s Funny” and has been using it all over the internet. ”

“Now I’m fairly pragmatic and realise that this descent into marketing is probably inevitable and if consultants weren’t doing it for them, companies would end up doing it themselves. However I think there is something a little seedy about people who purportedly love social media, yet end up helping companies pollute it with marketing drivel.

It reminds me of a guy I met while travelling many years ago. He was an ethnographic researcher employed by a big oil company to asses the impact oil pipelines would have on the indigenous population. He loved tribal culture so much he desperately wanted to work in the field, even if that meant being partly responsible for the destruction of the very thing he loved.”


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1 Priyanka February 14, 2009 at 7:05 am

very nice post. I loved the story on Pakistan.

2 Mack Collier February 15, 2009 at 7:11 am

Dina thanks for the link to my post! Have a great weekend!

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