My Twitter Updates 2009-08-31

by Dina on August 31, 2009 · 0 comments

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  • @aparnaray hey hadn’t seen that earlier. thanks for the link! in reply to aparnaray #
  • wish I was at #epic2009. the twitter stream is filling out well! ++ Jump Associates for asking researchers to be guides & not gurus!! #
  • .@BewdaBawa there’s just one section exclusively for Parsis. Rest for all Zoroastrians 🙂 #
  • calling all Zoroastrians and Parsis – do help create a roadmap for a better future – #
  • @unitechy checking whether you’ve got my DMs. pls let me know if u’re on for the study, else will bring someone else in. thanks!! #
  • .@aswath oh nice!!! thanks for that insight :):):) #
  • I’m reading: FutureChat – Indian Crafts and Mobiles | interesting thoughts around craftsmen, artisan.. #
  • I’m reading: Worldchanging: Bright Green: Attention Philanthropy 2009 – have been meaning to clip th.. #
  • .@evgenymorozov check this out – i wrote it up for worldchanging a while ago in reply to evgenymorozov #
  • ‘Corporatization’ turning the internet bald & fat????? RT @leplan: Internet in its middle life crisis, as it turns 40 #
  • immersed in mobile innovation blogposts. enjoying blogging after a while! do see @stuarthenshall’s learnings fm Brazil – #
  • I’m reading: Developing countries drive mobile growth in Southeast Asia – Network World [via @prisci.. #


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