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  • CLIP: Since I work with craftsmen in rural India, the applicability of mobile innovation, and the changes it could bring in my field about seem almost limitless.
    1. Craft services – this service could actually tie up with either a Dastkar, Dastkari haat – these are NGO’s that work with several groups of craftswomen across India. These NGO’s could be providers of information on the different products available in their regions. A mapping device associated with this service could be used by the network of entrepreneurs, buyers and artisans to update product availability and nature of skill.
    2. NGO services – this could go beyond just remunerative work – but area wise give updates on different NGOS working in the region, the dev. work ongoing their links and contacts
    * Textile services
    * Updates of yarn prices – cotton,wool, silk,
    * Textile activities in different areas
    * Information on the NGO’s involved as well
    3. Now a thought on how a phone could help the artisans -
  • CLIP: "Over the past few weeks, we have reached out to our network of friends and allies around the world, inviting them to become guest grantmakers. Many of them responded by giving the gift of attention to a person, cause or resource they think deserves more attention than it gets*.

    This week, we are presenting their "grants" – pithy spotlights of people and projects around the world — in five days of concentrated attention philanthropy. We're pleased that the result reads like a globally sourced catalog of some of the sharpest innovators and cutting-edge institutions that you may not yet have heard of.

    Here's your chance to do a simple, good thing. If the work you find on these pages inspires you, learn more. Visit their websites, contribute to their projects and, above all, help us spread the word far and wide. "

  • "The growth is mostly driven by first-time subscribers as networks continue to expand beyond major urban areas, as well as the increase in data usage and higher-end services brought on by 3G.

    According to Amin, mobile usage in these growing markets will continue to be dominated by voice and basic text messaging services. "Although 3G will be making its entry into many of these markets, it will be some years still before 3G services become commonplace," said Amin. "


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1 Yusuf Kirmani September 1, 2009 at 2:21 am

I am here again. It really sounds good that our poor dastkars will get all their information on cell phone. This is not realty. If Nokia or any other company provide all needed info to them, then it is ok, but it is not going to happen. NGOs has certain goals and they are only making money, not helping these type of people. From where you got these informations, I am clueless. Dina, go to real people, real India and real stories.

2 Dina September 1, 2009 at 9:33 am

Welcome back Yusuf :) . I don’t think the author of that post intended to say they will get all their info on their cell phones – and to clarify – she isn’t associated with nokia or any other cell phone company. The author, Anurag shared her thoughts on how she feels innovations on cell phones might help the community she serves.

I’m as cynical about you re: NGO’s and even Company or Corporate’s motives — and I do appreciate those that are more transparent about their motives. Despite that, what fascinates me is how technology might affect the real people in real India – and it is those human stories that I enjoy researching, observing and writing about.

Tech is not a magic wand that will bring about a magical transformation overnight – but it’s the little steps, small changes its bringing about in their lives that I write about – even if run by commercial enterprises (so long as they are transparent about what they’re doing!!!)

3 Anurag September 1, 2009 at 1:17 pm

When we talk of real people we dont talk stories any more. We talk of what is actually happening in real time.

Let’s see what Dastkar has really been successful in doing. It has tried to organise thousands of artisans part of 100 diffrent craft groups and helped them come under one umbrella of Dastkar where they can sell to contemporary india.

Dastkari Haat Samiti on the other hand has created informative craft maps of different parts of the country, which gives the information about handicrafts, and handlooms of India! They have had over 70 bazaars providing strategic marketing linkages to hundreds of artisans.

What if we were to get these organizations a support network in REAL TIME – Many organisations have helped the artisan externally but how can they help themsleves.

Can they be empowered with information in their language and make decisions of thier own. Maybe
Can they be empowered with information about different SHG’s (self help groups ) Maybe
Can they be empowered with information about grameen banks and schemes. Maybe
Can they be empowered with information about their craft and the related materials. Maybe
Can they they be empowered with information about other artisans in their vicinity. Maybe
Can they they be empowered – YES – what they do with the information and how they use it in the subsequent years is for all of us to see – but why should we be afraid to empower them

We all need to understand that we live with history. Our crafts people are living that history and reinventing ancient methods to suit our daily needs. Lets evolve in a scientific manner to help that kaarigar who has toiled for several years and give them the independence they deserve through information.

4 r4ds November 6, 2009 at 2:29 pm

Hi, it’s very interesting. but some information is missing. You are putting more information. Many NGO are work on their project. but they are giving information right or wrong ? This is the most fabuculus.

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