Through the lens – a six-year old’s view of the world!

by Dina on November 11, 2009 · 5 comments

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Young minds through the lens of young eyes.

The day after coming back from TEDIndia I was catapulted back into work – preparing for a big presentation-workshop today, which was good. This was in Gurgaon, and I spent the evening in Delhi with my sister and her young 6 year old Zai, who is totally fascinated with my iPhone, particularly the camera and the way photos are displayed. I was desperately trying to finish off my presentation, my sis wasn’t home, and feeling guilty about not spending time with him. So I gave him his own little ethnographic research project to do – to photograph things around the house that he loves, and those that aren’t his favourites. And asked for an explanation for each. Here’s what he came back with , in just 10 minutes, sure of some items, but with questions about how to slot some others! (Many pictures are blurred but they tell his story).

Amazing what a phone-camera in the hands of a six-year old can reveal about how a child frames his world. I’m glad it’s not all black-and-white!

His favourites:

The door handle – which he explained as being a favourite because when he turns it, he can go into the garden to play

The brand new wallet he got for his birthday last month.

His crayons and here’s his favourite painting – there are many many all over the house, but he likes this one in particular

His Bike -he loves going fast on it every evening around his neighbourhood

Himself! – he says he is a nice boy who doesn’t fight with other kids in school. And everybody (waving his hands wide open) loves him

His Globe – he likes spinning it fast and watching how the world whizzes around

The guitar his dad made – he is learning to play

His Sports Day notice from the school – he loves his school and running races, he says.

His maid, Rajni didi – who is really his playmate and favourite punching bag (he’s hers too!)

Me – because I’m his Dina Maasi (aunt) but he wished I wasn’t working

What he doesn’t like:

Pile of Newspapers – his explanation is that he doesn’t like to read. Would much rather draw or paint.

Ashtray with a stub – when I asked him to explain this, he says much like a grown-up, “obviously Dina Maasi – this is bad!”

The Inverter that kicks into action when electricity fails. He says it’s too noisy.

Those that he isn’t sure about, or is torn about:

Scissors – he uses them a lot for all his art and craft work and at that level loves them, but knows they can be dangerous

Boomerang – again, loves playing with it, but knows if he misfires, he or someone else could get hurt!

Croc – he likes it during the day, but at night, it scares him


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1 Param November 18, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Nice. Curious to see the actual pictures shot by him. 🙂

2 Dina November 18, 2009 at 12:16 pm

Hi Param – all these are shot by him entirely on his own – except the self-portrait which I suspect he got his Rajnididi to take,

3 Param November 18, 2009 at 11:09 pm

That’s strange. When I read this post earlier today, the pictures didn’t show up at all. (And that’s why I had asked to see the pictures he had shot)! Anyways, was good seeing them now.


4 r4 dsi November 21, 2009 at 11:28 am

Thats a nice one and interesting, Something new apart from all boring topics, thanks for sharing this with us and having something new. i liked it along with all the cute photographs.

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