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  • What lies ahead, now that America’s Lost Decade and Asia’s Best Decade are behind us? I just returned from a month in Singapore, China and Korea and, for the first time in a dozen years, I’m not going to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. So you can tell what frame of mind I am in.

    I believe 5 Big Trends will shape the future decade. The 5 trends are:

    1- Rise and Fall of Nations (US and Europe falling, Asia rising).

    2- Rise and Fall of Generations (Boomers falling, Gen Y rising).

    3- Behavioral Modification of Organizations (social media-ization of businesse, health, education, politics).

    4- Urbanization of world’s population.

    5- Global warming (winners and losers in the restructuring of the global economy).

    Within this context of 5 Big Trends, here are 7 specific forecasts…….

  • But what you can learn from this decade is that consumers move quickly, models move slowly, and marketing moves conservatively. When you see a technology shifting, that's the time to begin close observation of the models behind it. It will take years for those models to take hold, and in those years, you get the chance to learn. That's when you need to experiment and figure out how things work, because that's when it's cheap and the competition is hanging back. The objective is not to make money right off, but to learn the ropes. Because when the transformation happens — and it will — then you will have the advantage of knowledge.

    The twenty-oh's were the digital decade for consumers. The twenty-teens will be the digital decade for marketers. Time to get cracking.


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