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  • JP is on fire! Stuart and I were just yesterday discussing how organizations that block social networks are really silly, given that employees now access social networks on their mobiles!! CLIP: "Imagine an “enterprise” world where:

    * You chose your own phone
    * You chose your own portable computing device (which may be your phone)
    * You chose your own desktop computing device (which may be your television)
    * You chose the operating systems you put on these devices

    In other words, the IT department had “lost control of the device”.

    Imagine an “enterprise” world where:

    * Your identity was actually yours and independent of the company you worked for
    * Your network of relationships actually described the people you spoke to, spent time with, worked with
    * Your “company” profile looked the same as your web “profile”

    In other words, the HR department had “lost control of the profile”.

    Imagine an “enterprise” world where:


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