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Daily updates on what I’m reading. Links with my notes. I also just tweet links and things that interest me @dina

  • Skype and iPhone 4.0 – Telecoms and Social Networks | @stuarthenshall – CLIP "Unfortunately this means… VoIP on the iPhone is really just a dumb pipe. What’s important is the CallerID. Rich CallerID’s will get you more. Unless I know you.. your Skype name is useless to me. You profile may help although without context you get a block, or ignore etc. By contrast a Facebook call request from a friend of a friend with some context or equally a Twitter talk request (remember Phweet anyone!) may be a better way to complete that call. Similarly, if you are a business and I want a reservation by OpenTable. I put in a request. How should you present that call back to me? Equally I have a problem with Comcast. How should that Tweet be presented? If I’ve had nothing and been on the line for 20 minutes with my health care provider…. In fact for all those services. Ask yourself if you are willing to add to your account details.. my preferred callerID. Should that co be a Facebook Fan like page… or a TwitterID or something else?…"
  • cnewmark: Trust and reputation systems: redistributing power and influence – CLIP: "People use social networking tools to figure out who they can trust and rely on for decision making. By the end of this decade, power and influence will shift largely to those people with the best reputations and trust networks, from people with money and nominal power. That is, peer networks will confer legitimacy on people emerging from the grassroots.<br />
    This shift is already happening, gradually creating a new power and influence equilibrium with new checks and balances. It will seem dramatic when its tipping point occurs, even though we're living through it now.<br />
    <br />
    Everyone gets a chance to participate in large or small ways, giving a voice to what we once called "the silent majority."<br />
    <br />
    (Okay, I started with the bottom line. The following is a relatively brief summary of how I got there, deserving much longer treatment from really smart people.)"
  • Nokia Aims a Tablet at Apple: Exclusive | – CLIP:"Nokia, which has been watching Apple and Research In Motion (RIMM) run away with its smartphone business, can't afford to let this opportunity go by. Like the jump into netbooks with the Booklet, Nokia has shown a recent eagerness to respond to new markets. "I feel they have to do this, or risk falling behind in the category," says Kumar. Pricing and timing are critical if Nokia has any hope for success in tablets. Nokia needs to have a tablet ready for sale in time for the back-to-school computer buying surge and well before the holidays, says Kumar. With Apple's iPad starting at $500, Nokia has to aim lower — at what will likely be a moving target. "The problem here is that the pricing of tablets is likely to drop at a furious pace over the next four quarters," says MKM's Kuittinen. "Nokia needs to get its products out fast and ramp up the production rapidly or it's going to be tough to play catch-up."


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