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Youth Rap Insights

Convo Kids 2012 – A Journey of Discovery

December 23, 2011

Tweet Am quite excited that we’ve finally launched this project!  In short, it is a year long research and immersion program with 12-21 year olds in India.  We’re really looking for 5-6 sponsors  – to help kick it off the ground – personally I believe that one of the key benefits (apart from the actual […]

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Texting and Learning

April 11, 2010

Tweet My new Yoga teacher speaks no English. He’s young, and comes from a small town in the North. He’s moved to Mumbai to make a living. And still, he communicates via SMS so well, and has evolved his own form of English. I asked him how come he doesn’t text in Hindi, he says […]

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Through the lens – a six-year old’s view of the world!

November 11, 2009

Tweet Young minds through the lens of young eyes. The day after coming back from TEDIndia I was catapulted back into work – preparing for a big presentation-workshop today, which was good. This was in Gurgaon, and I spent the evening in Delhi with my sister and her young 6 year old Zai, who is […]

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Kids for Mumbai

December 5, 2008

Tweet Priyanka Kargupta is an 8 year old living in Maryland, USA. She’s set up Kids for Mumbai – to help those affected by the Mumbai Terror Attacks.  I personally don’t know her, just got an email from her, and would encourage you to assess it for yourselves before donating.  She’s provided links to her […]

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A Vision of Students (in the US) Today – Digital Ethnography

October 18, 2007

Tweet A new video from Mike Wesch, who had earlier made the fab video, The Machine is Us/ing Us. Mike Wesch’s videos explore mediated culture, seeking to merge the ideas of Media Ecology and Cultural Anthropology. In a blog post describing this video, Prof Wesch says: It began as a brainstorming exercise, thinking about how […]

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From the mouth of babes … ask America to send it home …

October 17, 2007

Tweet Am laughing so much!  I was just speaking with my little niece and wishing her a happy birthday.  I asked her what she would like as a gift – and she asked for a lot of lollipops and candy and gum  – stuff I had bought her when I was in the US in […]

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Does everything have to be ‘searchable’?

June 29, 2007

Bloggy thought two. It’s not worth it, if it’s not searchable. Robert Scoble and Steve Rubel seem to feel so. Am actually feeling the contrary only because of my recent experiences with Facebook and Twitter. The other day, I was chatting with a young friend who is 18, and he told me a few things around Facebook. His dashboard and homepage is Facebook – all his social interactions happen around it, along with a few IM clients. He doesn’t really use email very much. And most pertinent to this post, was his comment that he was disturbed that his whole family including aunts and grand-aunts could ‘peep’ into his entire life. In fact, it was so funny when he related a story about how an aunt actually sent his grandma some pictures of girls who wanted to ‘marry’ him. He’s now got most of his family on ‘limited’ profile — but his friends have full access to him!

I still believe that what you write or say or show on the web is there for everyone to see, read or hear, and I like that openness and transparency of the web. Still I am enjoying the levels of privacy that Facebook offers me. When I blog, I do sometimes (not when I am feeling particularly ranty) wonder whether what I write will come back to bite me some day or how people will view me as a result of what I write. I do feel more ‘responsible’ about what views I share on my blog – perhaps this happens when you have been blogging since 2003 and when your blog becomes your single-point public profile, for the whole world to see – family, friends, clients, potential clients etc.

But on spaces like Facebook and Twitter, I feel so much more comfort – I can rant, I can be silly, throw some food at a friend, hug someone else, share when I am upset or ecstatic. I don’t ever ‘think’ too much when I am on Facebook – my mode is a more feely one. It’s more about me and who I am. And less about my thoughts on a particular subject and less of the ‘Dina’ I want to project or promote or share around what I do.

I loved this comment at Steve Rubel’s post by Ryan McKegney – it resonates:

“As Steve points out above, there are advantages to having a walled
garden. In real life, I have a public and private life, but because of
Google and the general openness of the web, the balance between public
and private online is out of whack. The existing “private web” (IMs,
email) has been largely static for the last half decade, but if it
chooses to be, Facebook could be the next evolution of the private web.
Facebook isn’t just a walled garden, it is MY walled garden.”

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