And now,  Convo is live!  I co-founded Convo and Mosoci with Stuart Henshall after collaborating virtually through blogs, social media and tools from 2003. I have 20 years of experience in conducting Qualitative Research and Ethnography from India. Stuart brings the Brand and Product Innovation Strategy edge to our projects while I bring 20 years of Research and Ethnography experience and skills. Our combined experience and services cover the globe with leading companies each seeking a strategic edge.

  • Are you seeking strategic insights to grow your business?
  • Do you face rapidly changing markets and technologies?
  • See behavior changes but, don’t know why?
  • Find challenges in finding the right learning tools and experiences?
  • Need a partner for cross cultural issues and create global narratives?
  • Want cost effective and innovative ways to tap the energy in emerging markets?
  • Find an agile partner with upstream thinking willing to help you create breakthrough futures?

At Convo we engage in the art and science of strategic conversation. We help you discover powerful stories to help you respond and innovate. Our passion is research and strategic insights that make a recognizable difference to your business. We are an experienced team that has worked across categories and around the world.

Engage us, our tools and immersive methods to nurture the conversations that will grow your business. Let’s work together to create breakthrough convos.

Our Toolbox is focused on producing deep new insights, tangible experiences and real value propositions. We never do exactly the same thing twice so have many stories and examples and experiences to share and draw upon.

  • Ethnography
  • Scrapbooks and Blographies
  • Focus Groups and Interviews
  • Learning Journeys
  • Scenarios – Foresight
  • Facilitation
  • Social Tools – Social Media
  • Technology – Prototyping
  • Collaboration Tools

Explore Research and Consultancy: is my specialist qualitative research and ethnography company based in Mumbai, India. Formed in 1998, Explore specializes in qualitative research and ethnography. I started my career in 1989, with IMRB International, where I worked 10 years, before leaving to set up Explore. Client recommendations can be found here.